Deanston Toasted Oak Limited Edition

This malt truly is proof of its toasted beginnings. Starting life in the usual manner, but in unusual surroundings, Deanston Toasted Oak was matured in re-charred ex-bourbon casks of various degrees for nine long years. The precious liquid was then transferred into ex-whisky casks for a further period of six, where its character developed and became the mellowed whisky you can taste today. A timely process some might say, but well worth the wait! 

Tasting Notes


An almost hypnotic sweet vanilla with accents of cinnamon, cloves and floral oak.


A taste of far away lands: fragrant spices, rich fruits coupled with a little taste of home in the form of sticky toffee pudding.


Elegant crisp dry oakiness with honeyed gingerbread that’s exquisitely rounded and beautifully long.