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Our Craft. Your Whisky.

Deanston is an artisan whisky, one that is crafted the traditional way. All of our whiskies are unchill-filtered which means that nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Unless, of course, you count the time, devotion and commitment that goes into every bottle.


Water: the source of a perfect malt

Being located on the banks of the River Teith, we are blessed with an abundance of pure, fresh water. Its subtle spicy quality adds unique character to our whisky.

Milling: the perfect mix

Everything we use to make our whisky is sourced from Scotland and we have the greatest respect for our ingredients. We slowly mill our malted barley in a 4-roller Porteus press and continuously test the grain by hand so we get the perfect mix of quick and slow natural sugars.


Mashing: the sweetest thing

Once milled, the ‘grist’ goes into our open-topped cast iron mash tun where it is mixed with hot water. The sugars from the malt create a sweet liquid, or ‘wort,‘ which slowly drains through the perforated copper floor for fermentation. This is measured, and its progress meticulously noted in a ledger.

Fermentation: nature's magic

Yeast and wort sugars interact and convert into an alcohol known as ‘wash’. Fermentation can take up to 100 hours; this is when many of the intricate flavours develop that will be present in the final whisky.


Distillation: making the cut

When complete, the fermented ‘wash’ is moved to the wash stills and heated by large copper coils to induce evaporation. As the vapours rise and condense they are directed to the spirit still.

The unique characteristics developed during fermentation will be further enriched by the copper. Our whisky is twice distilled - first, in a wash still which produces an alcohol with a spirit level of 20-30% vol. and then in a spirit still where it separates into three sections; the head, the tail and the ‘heart of the run’. The ‘heart’ is the only part that interests us; this is our spirit cut. The heads and tails will be used in the next distillation.

Maturation: the long wait

Now it is time for the final act: maturation. The wood used to nurture our precious spirit is from Kentucky oak barrels, which give our whisky the deliciously delicate sweet aroma for which Deanston is renowned. We leave our barrels to mature in the ‘weaving shed’ of the original mill where the arched roofs maintain a constant cool temperature. There truly could not be a better place for whisky to rest.

And so the wait begins. It will be at least ten years until we are able to sip the first glorious taste of the wonderful malt we have all worked so hard to create.