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Deanston Warehouse 4: 2001 Organic Fino Finish

ABV 55.5%
Category Exclusive Distillery Whisky
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Taken straight from the cask and hand-filled by the team, this Deanston warehouse 4 2001 organic fino finish dram has a lovely nutty and herbal quality with roasted almonds, menthol, and raisins.
£ 35.00

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Deanston Warehouse 4: 2001 Organic Fino Finish
£ 35.00

Distilled in December 2001 during our week of Organic whisky production, this was originally matured in re-charred American white oak casks.  In 2016, we transferred the spirit to an Organic Fino hogshead from Bodegas Robles.

Robles is the leading Sherry producer when it comes to organic viticulture. They don't only have 100% organic production, but are the first Spanish winery to calculate their carbon footprint and commit to reducing their environmental impact every year. A perfect match for us at Deanston!

A really intriguing Deanston whisky is the result of the years maturating in the fino cask. A beautiful copper colour when poured.  Sticky toffee pudding on the nose, sweet. In the mouth herbaceous, fennel seeds? and roasted nuts. A finish of salted caramel and spice.


Our hand filled Warehouse 4 whiskies:

These are single cask bottlings, very limited in number, selected by our Master Blender and our visitor team. Once the cask is emptied, unfortunately never to be repeated.

Please note, this whisky is hand filled by our visitor team straight from the cask.  As the whisky is not filtered, you might find particles in the liquid, which are entirely natural from the whisky maturation process and the cask, e.g. pieces of charcoal from the charring of the cask.   

The whisky is sold as is and no refunds will be given as a result of this process.  In addition, we will not be responsible should the whisky be held in customs. 

Tasting Notes




Sticky toffee pudding, hazelnut syrup, apricot.


Dry and spicy, herbaceous, fennel seeds, roasted nuts. 


Mineral, salted caramel and dry spices.

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