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Warehouse 4: Deanston 2004 Amontillado Sherry Butt

ABV 59.4%
Category Exclusive Distillery Whisky
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A dram usually only available on our Warehouse 4 experience at the distillery, we are delighted to share this sweet and spicy Deanston 2004 Amontillado Sherry whisky with you online.
£ 35.00

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Warehouse 4: Deanston 2004 Amontillado Sherry Butt
£ 35.00

Released in Warehouse 4 in early 2020, this release was popular with whisky visitors who made it to the distillery ahead of Spring 20 lockdown.

An incredible dark golden sunset colour meets you in the glass, the result of 16 summer and winters in our warehouses, maturing in the amontillado sherry cask. On the nose not too much alcohol despite the 54% abv, sweet, Seville oranges with a hint of spice and brown sugar.

In the mouth a full sweet flavour, not sure if water is required? The Amontillado sherry influence gives this cask strength warehouse edition a rather festive feel with notes of butterscotch, spiced orange, roasted almonds and brown demerara sugar. The tell tale sign of Deanston's spiced finished is there on the end with hints of Moroccan tagine spice.


Warehouse 4: Deanston 2004 Amontillado Sherry Butt


Our hand filled Warehouse 4 whiskies:

These are single cask bottlings, limited in number, selected by our Master Blender and our visitor team, once the cask is emptied, unfortunately never to be repeated.

Please note, this whisky is hand filled by our visitor team straight from the cask.  As the whisky is not filtered, you might find particles in the liquid, which are entirely natural from the whisky maturation process and the cask, e.g. pieces of charcoal from the charring of the cask.   

The whisky is sold as is and no refunds will be given as a result of this process.  In addition, we will not be responsible should the whisky be held in customs. 


The 20cl bottle has been filled by our team in the lab at Deanston Distillery, so the bottle will look a little different - the same delicious whisky is inside though!

Tasting Notes




Butterscotch, waxy, spiced orange. 


Roasted almond, liquorice, brown sugar. 


Long and drying, tobacco leaf, ginger root, sweet Moroccan spice.

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