Chocolate Oak Old Fashioned

60ml Lowball Moderate
A classic with a sweet twist
A sweet take on a classic Old Fashioned Cocktail. This sophisticated cocktail is inspired by a classic, but with a delightful twist.
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Chocolate Oak Old Fashioned


  • 50ml Deanston Virgin Oak,
  • 3 dashes of cocoa bitters
  • 10ml salted demerara syrup
  • Chocolate-coated cherry


  • STEP 1 Pour Deanston Virgin Oak into a cocktail shaker
  • STEP 2 Add cocoa bitters
  • STEP 3 Next, add the salted demerara syrup and stir until dissolved
  • STEP 4 Prepare a glass with fresh ice and add the cocktail
  • STEP 5 Garnish with the chocolate coated cherry
  • STEP 6 Sip and enjoy