Warehouse Experiences

Price £35
Duration 45 minutes
Number of whiskies tasted 3
Warehouse Experiences details

Enjoy an exclusive whisky tasting of distillery exclusives that have been extracted directly from the cask in one of our warehouses. Converted from an old cooperage, this room now houses casks of maturing whisky - the perfect backdrop to a unique and personal dramming experience. Exploring the impact wood, time and climate have on forming the subtle, rich and complex flavours of our whisky. 

You can choose between a Maturation Experience where you will try different ages of Deanston whisky matured in Bourbon casks, and our Warehouse 4 Experience, where you will taste from several casks all unique and different. 

All of the casks we taste in this experience have been carefully selected by our Master Blender. 

*Please note: This experience takes place in the Warehouse only.

Visiting Deanston Distillery
Where to go
Upon arriving at the distillery, please let a member of the team in the Visitor Centre know you're here. They will get you registered and then take you to the warehouse when the experience is ready to begin.
What to wear
Please wear warm clothing as you will be sitting in our warehouse which is kept at a consistently cool atmosphere.
Age Restrictions
For more information on age restrictions, please visit our FAQ section in the footer.

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