Not your average run of the mill

Some people don't like change. Keeping things just as they are. Comfortable. Good enough. Not us. We see things differently - we see change as opportunity. A chance to kick open the doors, rebel and make whisky that's never dull.

Aye, we're not your average dram - because who wants to be average?

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Our Whisky

Smooth and sweet, you can drink our whisky any damn way you please. So whether you're a cocktail fan, prefer it neat or with just a drop of water, there's a Deanston whisky out there for you.

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Not your typical distillery

Established in the 1960s when our pioneering founder saw the potential in an old cotton mill, the power of the River Teith and a hardworking community, Deanston is not your typical distillery.

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Whisky Tastings

Book an experience at our unique distillery to discover more about how we hand-craft our single malt, meet the team and of course, sample some delicious drams.

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Our Recommendations...

The Chronicles Series: Edition 1

ABV 46.3% In Stock
The first edition in the Deanston Chronicles series, this release expertly blends four malts from casks from four decades, creating a truly special whisky.
£ 70.83

12 Year Old

ABV 46.3% In Stock
With a smooth and creamy sweetness, hints of fruit, malty honeyed spiciness and soft vanilla, our crisp 12 year old finishes with a satisfying tingle of cloves.
£ 5.42

Deanston Recharred Hogshead 2013 – Single Cask Release, Winter 2021

ABV 57.8% In Stock

Specially selected by our blending team for our member's Winter 2021 single cask release. A classic Deanston matured in a recharred hogshead. This very limited release encapsulates the very best of the influence of bourbon wood on our spirit with a spicy festive hint. 

£ 57.50
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