The Chronicles Series: Edition 2

Sweet, creamy and nutty
ABV 52.5%
Deanston Distillery Whisky
Oloroso, French Wine, Armagnac, Port
Embark on a journey through time with Deanston Chronicles, a meticulously crafted limited edition highland single malt that pays homage to the rich history of Deanston Distillery.
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The Chronicles Series: Edition 2
The Chronicles Series: Edition 2


Initial sweet nose with notes of toffee apples, honeycomb, prunes, apricot and a hint of white chocolate.
Rich mouthfeel packed full of grapes and red berries, which fade to reveal praline and a touch of toasted oak.
Long spicy finish with nutmeg and walnuts.



This exceptional, distillery exclusive release tells Deanston's story. The 1975 Oloroso cask captures the essence of our early years, when the liquid was originally intended for blending but soon found its voice as a single malt in the 70s. The 1995 French Wine cask reflects the reopening of Deanston Distillery and the beginning of a new chapter in our legacy following a period of closure. The 2006 Armagnac cask takes us into the 2000s, a decade of innovation where we introduced our non-chill filtered process to preserve and celebrate the waxy core of our spirit. The 2012 Port Cask represents the opening of our cherished visitor centre where we've welcomed thousands of whisky enthusiasts to explore the world of Deanston Highland Single Malt.


Distilled in 1975 with a 17 year finish in Oloroso Sherry Casks, the oldest liquid in this tale of time brings a thick, jam-like quality that enhances the natural viscosity of Deanston’s uniquely waxy character. The 1995 French Wine Cask brings a subtle berry fruitiness and a floral character that is not often present within our Highland Single Malt. Whilst the 2006 Armagnac’s rich, dark notes of toffee sweetness provide a stark contrast. Finally, the 2012 Port cask has a dry yet sweet quality to balance out the oak spice that comes from the Oloroso and French Wine Casks. A complex, multi-layered dram reflective of the colourful history of Deanston Distillery.



A marriage of four distinct cask finishes from four decades, each representing a pivotal chapter in the Deanston story: 1975 Oloroso, 1995 French Wine, 2006 Armagnac, and 2012 Port.


With no added colour, the liquid retains its natural russet gold colour, reflecting the maturation process and cask influence.


All our whiskies are non-chill filtered to maintain the whisky's integrity and preserve its uniquely waxy character.


Contrasting the first edition, this new Chronicles release uses an entirely different quartet of casks: Oloroso, French Wine, Armagnac and Port. The result? A distinctively sweeter flavour profile with a creaminess and nuttiness that is reminiscent of chocolate praline.


Non-Chill Filtered

Non-Chill Filtered

Unfiltered to maintain the whisky's integrity and preserve its natural oils and nuances.

No Added Colour

No Added Colour

The whisky retains its natural colour, reflecting the maturation process and the cask influence.

Always Unpeated

Always Unpeated

Always unpeated, locally sourced barley from the Highlands of Scotland.

Uniquely Waxy

Uniquely Waxy

Our traditional methods create a uniquely waxy whisky that is brimming with flavour progression on the palette.