Virgin Oak - The Character of Deanston

Virgin Oak - The Character of Deanston

This single malt scotch whisky packs a real punch. A true representation of Deanston Distillery in flavour, character and style, in a bottle. Read on to discover more about this award-winning whisky.


Introducing Virgin Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Inspired by our distillery founder, Brodie Hepburn, this whisky is far from your average dram - it's brave, bold and unapologetic.

To create that classic waxy, citrus character that sets us apart, our Virgin Oak whisky was first filled in barrels that previously matured some of the finest American Bourbon, before being finished for 9-12 months in virgin, American oak barrels.  

You'll get rich flavours of soft honey, zesty oranges & lemons and a subtle dusting of nutmeg for a hint of warm spice. It's non-chill filtered and natural in colour. A damn fine dram if we say so ourselves!


Here's what Brendan McCarron, Master Distiller has to say:

"Deanston’s unique & characterful spirit is created through a low and slow distillation process and extra-long fermentations. Virgin Oak is then matured first in the highest quality ex-bourbon casks and finished in the finest virgin American oak casks to create something really special. Non-chill filtered and natural in colour, we don’t add anything to Deanston other than malted barley, water and yeast.

Virgin Oak really is Deanston distillery in a bottle – soft honey, brimming with juicy orange, candied oranges and orange oils from the zest, complemented with creamy vanilla, caramel and warm, aromatic spice.”


Not Your Average Scotch Whisky Casks

The majority of Scotch Whisky is matured in ex-bourbon casks that have previously been used for maturing American or Bourbon whisky. Fresh white oak casks, or "Virgin Oak" casks, are mainly used for whiskey maturation in the USA, as the American Law (Bourbon Act) stipulates that whiskey must mature for at least two years in charred new oak containers.  

Maturation in these fresh white oak casks is not so widespread in Scotch whisky production, as it can often overpower the spirit. But not Deanston.


Our whisky creation team have selected some of the finest American, virgin oak casks to finish our Deanston spirit in. It stays there for 9-12 months. We choose finishing over maturation to ensure a perfect balance, without overpowering. This works so well with our New Make Spirit, complementing the zesty citrus character, with rich flavours of soft honey, creamy vanilla and hints of warm spice.

For Virgin Oak, we source our casks from the Kelvin Cooperage, a Glaswegian, family-run cooperage based in Kentucky. The casks are toasted and heavily charred, before being transported across to our home at Deanston, for filling with Deanston new make spirit, and then matured in our unique, vaulted ceiling warehouse.


How Do You Drink It?

Here at Deanston we believe whisky is for enjoying any way you please. Our Virgin Oak is smooth enough to sip and sweet enough to mix. Delicious neat, with water or standing up to mixing in a cocktail, why not try it in an Old Fashioned?!

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