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2002 Marsala Cask Finish

ABV 55.2%
Category Limited Edition Whisky
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This complex, sweet and spicy dram spent almost 14 years maturing in ex whisky re-fill casks before being transferred to Marsala wine casks in 2016. With a limited bottling of 1308, this is a dram to be savoured!
€ 111,95
2002 Marsala Cask Finish
€ 111,95

Crafted by hand, this Limited Edition was distilled and filled into Whisky Re-Fill casks in 2002. Following almost 14 years of maturation, our blending team identified it as having the ideal flavour profile to combine with Marsala. In 2016 it was transferred to a Marsala cask, before being returned to the warehouse for the last year. The result is a deliciously complex dram with an abundance of spice, delectable vanilla and honey flavours.

Tasting Notes


Deep amber gold.


Notes of honey and candied fruits, vanilla fudge and rich oak with hints of ginger and clove.


Deanston heather honey balanced with hints of sweet Marsala, with creamy berries, soft caramel, vanilla rich oak, citrus and subtle spice.


Long and lingering with sweet fruity finish with a lingering touch of spice.

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