Deanston Organic Whisky

Deanston Organic Whisky

Deanston Distillery was one of the first distilleries to produce organic whisky but how do we make it and what makes it organic?

How Do We Make Organic Whisky?

We follow similar steps to make our Organic whisky as we would do with our other delicious Deanston whiskies. We use soft water from the fast flowing River Teith and all our grain comes from local Scottish farmers. We mash in our huge open top mash tun, fermentation happens for up to 100 hours in our steel washbacks, we use the same stills and mature in casks in one of our 7 warehouses at the distillery. So, how do we make it organic?

Well, to be able to call our organic whisky organic, we need each step to be certified by the Organic Food Federation. Yes, you read that correctly - everything needs to be certified from start to finish, from the ingredients, distillation, maturation and bottling.


The Steps We Take to Make Organic Whisky

  • First up, our malt.
    • Our local farmers grow organic grain which is completely free of pesticides.
    • This is certified organic and given an organic passport
    • It is then processed at an organic maltings before being delivered to Deanston
  • Next up, the distillery.
    • We create Organic Deanston whisky once a year and before we begin, the production areas are fully stripped down and given a thorough clean
    • The Organic Food Federation then comes to inspect and certifies the disitllery
    • We can then go ahead with the organic spirit run
  • What about the casks?
    • You can probably guess by now, these are also certified by the Organic Food Federation, yes, every cask we use for our organic whisky must be certified.  


You might be wondering why we go to such efforts to make organic whisky. Well, here at Deanston, we like to do things slightly differently. We're bold, brave and always striving for better. Oh and it also tastes pretty damn good too!


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