Virgin Oak | 31 Oct 2022 |

Virgin Oak: Classic vs The Distillery Edition

Our new Virgin Oak: The Distillery Edition is bottled to celebrate 10 years of the distillery visitor centre.
Virgin Oak: Classic vs The Distillery Edition

A Quick Intro to Virgin Oak Whisky 

So how does it differ from our classic Virgin Oak and why did we choose this whisky to mark this milestone? 

Inspired by our founder, Brodie Hepburn, just like him, our Virgin Oak whisky is brave, bold and unapologetic. First filled in barrels that previously matured some of the finest American bourbon, it was then finished for 9-12 months in American, virgin, white oak casks. 

This whisky has the classic waxy, citrus character that sets us apart, with rich flavours of soft honey, juicy oranges, creamy vanilla, caramel and warm, aromatic spice.   

Scooping multiple awards, including Category Winner at the 2022 International Wine and Spirits Competition, we wondered what would happen if we bottled this delicious liquid at a higher ABV...

2022 marks 10 YEARS of Deanston Distillery Visitor Centre. The very heartbeat of our distillery community, we needed something special to celebrate, and what better way, than with a dram that is a true representation of our whisky's unique character?   

Specially chosen by our whisky making team as an intensified and concentrated version of our classic Virgin Oak, this Distillery Edition has been bottled at a higher ABV of 55% - a nod to the 55 years since the spirit stills at Deanston started flowing.

What's the Difference Between Classic Virgin Oak & The Distillery Edition?

The main difference between these two whiskies is the intensity of warm spices that come through in the Distillery Edition, along with the depth of flavour and texture. We like to think of it as a 'turbo charged' version of the classic Virgin Oak.   

The higher ABV has allowed us to be a bit more playful and experimental. Here's what our Master Blender, Julieann Fernandez has to say:

“The limited release Virgin Oak Distillery Edition packs a palatable punch. On the nose it’s full of wood spice, nutmeg and cinnamon and these flavours carry over to the palate where the spice intensifies with freshly ground black pepper. As always with Deanston, the waxy character is present and coats the mouths beautifully with these integrated notes of clove and heather honey. 

Reducing the liquid to 55% ABV, allows both the prominent and more subtle flavours in Virgin Oak to shine whilst showcasing a bolder and spicier flavour not typically associated with the classic version of this dram. 

In comparison, the classic Virgin Oak at 46.3% is much sweeter and more mellow. The addition of the extra water mellows the spice and each flavour almost comes through individually”

Deanston virgin oak whisky in a bottle and box
Virgin Oak Whisky
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Virgin Oak: The Distillery Edition
Virgin Oak: The Distillery Edition
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Not Sure It's For You?

Let Master Distiller, Brendan McCarron convince you... 

“If you love Deanston for its fruity, citrus character , underneath that waxy overcoat, you are going to love this limited release. It’s like grinding cloves, peppercorns and fresh vanilla pods in a pestle and mortar. Pouring this over the creamiest of vanilla ice-cream, and added bursts of zesty oranges. A really special single malt, that is unmistakeably Deanston”