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2006 Oloroso Finish

ABV 55.5%
Category Warehouse 4 Exclusives
Matured in America Oak ex-Bourbon for 10 years before a 6-year finish in an Oloroso sherry cask, this 2006 single malt was hand-selected and hand filled by the team at Deanston Distillery. Bottled at cask strength, expect rich notes of raisins, chocolate and chili spice.
€ 198,95

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2006 Oloroso Finish
€ 198,95

When the distillery first opened in 1966, an old weaving shed was converted to a cooperage where casks were handmade and repaired. Overtime, this cooperage evolved into our much-loved Warehouse 4; a traditional dunnage maturation warehouse and the perfect home to a wide range of aging whiskeys dating back to the 1960s.

As part of the Warehouse 4 Collection, this 16 year old single malt allows you to taste Deanston as you would during the sensory journey that is our Warehouse 4 Experience; straight from the cask.

Distilled on the 14th of April 2006, this limited edition was matured in an American Oak ex-bourbon cask for 10 years before a 6-year finish in Oloroso sherry. Expect notes of raisins, chocolate and chili spice.

Hand filled at Deanston by Distillery Tour Guide, Ruth Buchanan, in October 2023 at a cask strength of 55.5%. Cask number 250.

Exclusively available at deanston.com or directly from our distillery shop.

Tasting Notes


Copper brown


Dark sticky toffee with caramelised vanilla and warm spice


Rich notes of raisins and chocolate with a light sprinkling of chili spice


Warm lingering finish of spices and chocolate

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